Estne volumen toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?

First Backpacking Trip
April 16-17
Cane Creek Canyon
Creekside Campsite

After many, many setbacks, we FINALLY were able to plan and confirm our first backpacking trip of the season.
Getting our gear ready has been an all-day event, we leave in 36 hours and I have spent the past 12 hours getting things organized.
We did a final load and tried out the packs this evening. I need to upgrade the kids ASAP, but they should work for this weekend.
I have a short list of things that need to go in last-minute. I don't have a kitchen knife, a chamois, contact solution.

I am especially excited about this trip, more than any other camping we have done. When I hauled on my 27 pound pack (that's just for 2 nights! ack!) I was astounded first by how heavy it was and secondly by how well my pack distributed the weight. Once on and adjusted, it was not difficult at all to walk around in. When I took it off, it was more than a little sobering to realize I have lost that much weight, plus another 5 pounds. And I have that much and more left to go. Why did I let it go so long, so far?

Here is our menu:
Day One
Lunch: pita bread and fakeroni, which is tofu pepperoni and cheese.
Dinner: noodles and tuna with hot tea
Snack: protein bar, star crunch, cashews

Day Two
Breakfast: Luna Bar, hot cocoa
Lunch: peanut butter and jelly on whole grain tortillas
Dinner: creamy noodle soup, vanilla pudding
Snacks: GORP, dried pineapple

Day Three
Breakfast: protien bar, cream of wheat
Lunch: remaining trail mix, crackers, Vienna sausage (chicken)

We have drink mixes and water purifier
Zeppie will eat better than we are, she has 2 duck and gravy meals, a chicken and rice, 2 beef tips with gravy and a chicken and veggie meal.
For snacks, she has tiny bone cookies and little steak cookies. We are bringing the bigger tent so she can sleep with us.

The kids are camping in 2 2-man tents, Ben and Chan will share, Jake on his own.

We don't have enough cold weather bags for all 5 of us, Matt being able to backpack is a new thing. we have plenty of 45 degree bags, but Saturday night will be around 40, so Ben and Chan are taking the down bags, Jake is taking his 35 degree bag with a fleece liner and Matt and I will be using 2 45 degree fleece bags zipped together with a 3rd on top. The fleece bags weigh around a pound each, so having an extra is not a big deal. We are all bringing very warm clothes to sleep in. I worry about freezing, I am often cold anyway. I will feel better knowing the kids will be plenty warm enough, though.

I have all the prep work done, tomorrow is supposed to be terrible weather and we can get the house all put back together and get the animals ready to be on their own for the weekend. The pigs are in their outside area and live in a doghouse now. They are VERY happy little animals with a big fenced area to graze. That has made traveling easier-or it will at any rate-because they won't need to be cleaned up or fed as often. We give them pellets every 3-4 days and clean the doghouse once a week. Their new water bottles hold enough for a week at a time. It's been very nice, not having to worry over them every single day.

Day One