I don't think I will do a May trip next year unless it's further north or south-the Tennessee Valley is a swamp of privet, pine and oak pollen in early May. Add in dust from the mowers and blowers, campfire smoke, pollen from lesser potent plants and trees, the heat and humidity and BAM-sinus sledgehammer. It's usually rainy enough to knock some of it out of the air, but it has not rained since the Florida trip! We all bailed early, Katy had planned to head home anyway, the rest of us were just zombies with Kleenex.

We arrived early Monday and got all set up. Katy pulled in around noon and the kids were off.

Dy came in after lunch, Amanda boated over and the kids all hung out while the moms got a chance to talk.

Many tries for a group photo...

And...giving up! hahaha

R emember when I blogged back in the winter about Ben and Emma being so alike, I just KNEW they would be great friends if they ever got to hang out one on one? I was right!

Amanda headed out with Chandler and we kept Elan.

Ben keeps the important parts covered. And yes, I do have Muppet sheets in my camper.

Jake and Alex opted to tree it overnight.

Early morning walk ended with this hitchhiker, a tiiiiiny seed tick.

The trails are surprisingly diverse and even a little challenging. I am always surprised there are waterfalls and high cliffs just behind the camground.

I took out Dy's new kayak.

I do love kayaking, I think we will be getting a couple yaks ourselves!

Gina has a go, likes it as well.

More games!

The beach was open this year-an unusual event! Every time we have been here before, it has been closed before Memorial Day weekend.

Ben and Emma made a flower child!

Another covergence of kids.

I crashed after this and had a nap. When I woke up, I felt even worse.

Jake was miserable, Katy was already heading out according to her plan and Dy said James was melting from the pollen, so we stayed until dark and all left around the same time, cutting our trip short, but just in time as I had a nasty migraine overnight.

Matt took advantage of my 2 day trip and bought a new car. hahahaha!