These are from Newfound Gap on the way up.

We hopped right on the trail, it was chilly and cloudy, no views from the Dome!

The elevation put us a solid 3 months back in time.

Gorgeous trail, I can't imagine the work to build it!

We loved this! We called it The Appalachian Rail and Trails to Rails.

It's downhill to this sign, then uphill again to the bald
It was a great hike, the climbs were not exhausting, I popped back out at the trailhead feeling pretty darn good.

Not bad!

That family down there is a Japanese family and the mom had a HUGE camera and kept taking photos of us, it was almost funny. Views, flowers, chubby American woman, skinny American kids, balding American man, view again, us again, more views. Some clouds. She was on capture mode. She went off and took photos of other people, too. Another dad and I were laughing about it as we left. He had a baby in a carrier and had stopped walking ahead because she was getting a shot off the bald. I said, "You won't bother her!" he looked back at her and she was clicking away at him and his kid. We both laughed, what else can you do?

Hiking balls!

nothing to do with the hike, but look at those nails!
It's so he can play banjo without picks. He's as bad as my father about them, my father was always tinkering with his nails and they were just as pretty. hahaha

To just be 1.8 miles from the lot to the bald, this was a widely varied trail!

The following were accidental. I gave my camera to Chan who had gotten hers wet enough to make the lens fog.
I put my SD card in my other (heavier!) camera for the hike and I was playing around with the settings because I had not used it in a while. It takes HORRIBLE macros so I tend to not use it all spring.
I put it on monochrome without realizing it. And it was bright, so I could not actually see my preview screen. So, there you have it. 3 blue tint and one I tried to just desaturate when we got home, then decided the blue was okay.

Crowded! The parking lot was so full that people were parking down the road on the shoulders.