There have been complaints about me taking photos of other people asleep while camping, so I took this one of me barely awake, which is as close as I can get.


It's good to have a bestie.

Our group photo!!
19 people who have not showered in 3 days!

Loading the trunk!
See Chan's toothbrush up there? I had to buy it from a vending machine.

We had to put our food and anything that came in contact with that food into the trunk unless we were actively cooking or eating and were encouraged to not sleep in anything we ate in. They patrolled like crazy for that!
The park service has already had to put down 2 bears this season for being overly aggressive. They try other methods first, and relocate many bears, but there are always a couple each year that opt to not be persuaded that human flesh is not uber tasty.

Chandler wanted to sleep in the hammock, but was concerned about becoming a bearrito! We decided there were better options for the bear to investigate, so she risked it.

Chan, ever aware of my feelings, makes herself look a little shorter. hahaha
I try not to fuss about them being taller than me, but it's such a bummer they don't fit in my lap any more.

That notched peak is The Chimneys and that is a gorgeous hike!

We headed to the top of Clingman's Dome and decided to hike out to Andrew's Bald.