Another item checked off the list-a beach camping trip with friends! And springs! And, thunderstorms!

We are camping at Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola for 4 nights all together, then Matt and the kids and I will stay or go depending on the weather.

We managed to get sites sort of close together-it's not a great time to get a campsite anywhere near the beach!

We drove down Saturday, it took a while to get going from home, we were over an hour behind our planned leaving time.

Jake opted to stay at Katy's to house sit and pet sit, so it was just 4 of us loading up to head out.

Our driveway is about 1/10 of a mile long. By the time we turned onto the main road, Ben had already opened his 'on the road' goodies and peeled the label off his fruit-infused water, rolled it into a small cone and Chandler was already griping.
"Ben made his drink wrapper into a Finglonger and is using it to poke me so he does not have to lean over!"

We drove straight to Hoover and picked up a screen tent (not the one I wanted!) and got gas, lunch and hit the road again.

I was talking about the time Matt and I locked Chan in the van on accident and she set off the alarm getting out. We had walked off around a small lake and were talking about, "Idiots who can't turn off their alarms, can't they HEAR that?" and Chan said she remembered that day, she kept thinking it would go off and it never did, so she went over and talked to a duck.

We stopped again to get an extension cord (our cord for the camper is reallllly long!) and a few snacks for camp and then arrived, got set up and before we were done, Katy had gotten here and then her sister, Maggie and then Sarah. Gina showed up right after that, already set up. She's way on up the road from here. We sent HER to get a longer extension cord (the new one was toooo short!) and a fan. It's HUMID.

We had a long walk to the Intracoastal and back, saw osprey, crabs, fish and wildflowers.

We made dinner-it had not started raining, though it smelled like rain all afternoon. That was extra yummy probably because it took forever to make (chicken and pasta shells in a creamy veggie sauce) and everyone had plenty.

Upon heading into the tent, we discovered the air mattress Matt and I were going to sleep on was nearly flat. So, off to Wal-Mart where we went ahead and got all of our groceries for the week, a new bed and scooters for Ben and Chan. Who said camping was the cheapest way to travel!?

The rain came in overnight, it's been raining off and on since. Not much wind with this particular front, so far.

Matt's mom is coming over to meet us for brunch in a while. Matt is off geocaching, Chan is still sacked out and Ben is running around with Alex and Owen.

And it's raining again!

Heading out with all our worldly possessions, or so we thought.

South Alabama Cows

Clanton Peach
Ben was irritated by how much advertising the Clanton peaches were getting and declared the whole town to be filled with braggarts.
So, now when anyone (like me successfully tossing a piece of trash in the bag from a difficult position) brags, he says, "Sounds like you're from Clanton!"

We can see the ocean!!!

Tons of clouds

Our camp, number 15. It has a WIDE bit of trees and cover between it and the next site and it and the road, but site 14 overlooks us and the guy currently there smokes. GAG So anything they do carries down here. I think they leave today!

I love all the boardwalks, though I know they are there to keep us from getting eaten by gators.

Turtles in the lake

That tannic acid filled water! It's BLACK.

Osprey Nest

Orange Milkwort


Calacareous tube worms

Ivory acorn barnacles

ever thrilled to have a camera you can stick in the water
This is the little guy living in that pretty whirled shell above!

Headed back to camp!

Cinnamon fern