Tuesday we all got up and packed up camp.
We headed to the beach, Gina disappeared (well all suspect coffee run) and the Bothwells headed to see the Blue Angels, planning to join us afterward at the beach.

The sun!

We goofed around about an hour and everyone else showed up. The Angels did not perform, it was too cloudy.
So, we all hung out at the beach a few hours, until around 2.

Coquina clams

Kurt would scoop up a couple dozen coquina clams and mole crabs from the surf and toss them in between all the kids. The next wave would hit and they would disappear. They did this for at least 30 minutes, I imagine the sand was saturated with clams!!

There were dolphins swimming both days we were at the beach. This is my single shot! hahaha.


Inde was thrilled to get dunked clean in the water.


Emma's drip castle inside the HUGE hole Ben dug.

BACK out to jump on the sand bar

We went back to the campground for hot showers and got into clean clothes for the drive home.
We planned to go see some carnivorous plants nearby and BAM, the bottom fell out.
So, we stopped for dinner at Hardee's of all places and had burgers and glommed the wifi.

Matt drove us home, we stopped for gas and ice cream (Chandler MUST have ice cream for it to be a road trip) and arrived around 11, got everything unpacked and started the laundry.


I spread the tents out to dry and got all of our gear put away, finished the laundry and we were all set to go again! But-it's still raining. Everywhere from Arkansas to DC-the whole southeast is under water. :(