Back at camp, we had dinner and family time for a little while.
We had curry and veggies with mac and cheese.

Chan thought we could still use this path, if we had good balance.
I said I was out! hahaha

My beach umbrella, relegated to a mere laundry protector.

It rained more.

Wild Rosemary
This was kind of funny, I can't find this in my flower guide, so I was trying to tell Matt, "Well, it LOOKS like rosemary, it had that plump evergreen leaf and had a distinct smell...but I don't think there's a 'wild rosemary'" He went leafing through our other books and I googled, 'wild rosemary' and one of the first photos was taken at Big Lagoon. I had no idea it was a thing, much less that prolific! There were thousands of them in bloom.


The trail to the potty, not bad!
I do love the live oaks.

Not sure, but when I searched for 'young pine' I was rewarded with lots of shots of Chris Pine in his earlier years.
He's quite easy on the eyes, so it was not a total waste of time.
Also, it does not look like it's a pine at all.


Cladonia stellaris
Reindeer Lichen

Tread Softly, a stinging nettle

Our camp, tucked away in our boat hull campsite.

Saw Palmetto


Several folks opted to go to a movie, Gina went for a coffee run (and took my child across state lines!)
Matt, Ben and I stayed at camp to take a walk.
Kurt, Alex and Beck joined us!

Along the way, we saw fireflies in the trees, first of the year! The frogs were calling so loudly in places that we could not talk and when we climbed the observation tower, we shone our lights in the water and watched skates swim.
Down at the shoreline, there were shrimp near the edge of the water and their eyes shone in the light, like spiders.


Portuguese Man o' war!

We walked to the observation tower and spotlighted skates down in the intracoastal bay.
So, we headed down to walk along the water a while.
We found a TON of crabs.

And this Southern Toad (*poke poke*)
It puffed up twice its size when Kurt petted it.
We were yelling that it was going to shoot him with its poison squirters, might could have.

Go away, Hoomons, or I will get you with my deadly accurate menace dealers. Located above my EYES.

This giant wolf spider
I often get critters from the back as I am chicken they will jump at me. hahaha

Square backed crab

One of the many things I like about Kurt (and Matt for that matter, though Kurt is more practiced at crab wrangling) is he catches things I won't touch and then waits for me to take a picture.

This is why I don't go barefoot.

Ivory acorn barnacles

I told myself a little story about this skull being puked up by a giant anaconda who needed room for me.
Keep in mind, it was very dark, other than our 3 flashlights, and we were way out on the rim of the salt marsh-water on one side, marsh and grasses on the other, small strip of sand. eeee

Looking down from a bridge on the boardwalk on the way back to camp to see if we can see anything in the water of the inlet.
Lots more crabs!

I just had my little point and shoot underwater camera. But still-all that light pollution from Pensacola. :(

Another night of drifting off under the soft glow of my color changing camping ghosts.
Ben was hanging out with Emma and finally unplugged them when he came dragging in after the rain started back up.

Overnight, it stormed and the rain slid off in solid sheets. After a few hours, the tent started leaking at a couple of the seams.
We knew we were nearly done for-the weatherproofing was failing-it's only chemicals and fabric after all.
We sprayed the tent WELL before Disney last fall and it POURED on that trip for days, then it's been used just a couple of times since. I did not re-spray it for the season because...I don't remember why. Lazy, I guess. Or I was thinking 'once a year', and that would be September!