Sunday morning we met Matt's mom and had brunch and a nice visit for a while, then headed to the beach to meet up with everyone.

Chan said she wanted to live in the colorful houses:


We arrived at Gulf Island National Seashore, Johnson Beach is about 5 minutes from camp and it's $8 for a 7 day pass

We parked at the main parking area, it was not busy at all.

Matt yelled, "My pasty white brothers!" as he ran to join the menfolk
I had to agree. hehehe

Ben used goggles Digimon-style to hold his hair out of his eyes.


Pickle Pete cut open her foot pretty much first thing after getting camp set up.
She wore a sock over her bandaid and I avoided seeing the actual cut.

I made this shrine to my foot and drew runes and did chants to heal my ankle.

Who knew a hole would attract so much interest? Everyone climbed in there at least once.

Back to camp!