It poured ALL of Sunday night and then proceeded to rain ALL of Monday. It was a much lighter rain, so I was less worried about the tent flooding, but getting stressed about all the sheer wet.

Gina had moved into her truck to sleep, their tent had no waterproofing at all as this was her first camping trip in a tent, ever. When we got up Monday morning, the Conklins were gone, but their tents were still there, albeit soaked through. After a forensic-based search of their site, we discovered their tarps under both tents were sticking out, channeling water directly under the tent floors. Also, neither tent had their rain fly staked out, so the rain just soaked the top layer and dripped right through to the bottom layer. They arrived back at camp at some point during the day and packed up their soaked gear and went home.

We all talked about what to do since it was raining so much and decided to go to the Naval Aviation Museum. It's about 15 minutes away and is free! And it's huge, indoors and mostly dry. They had several buckets sitting around for drips and one of the docents was saying his grandson's school was closing due to the rain-Pensacola gets 345 sunny days a year. They are not set up to deal with deluges!

Leo and Also Cornbread came along for the trip.

The museum is huge, I was quickly parted from my family and wandered on my own for a few hours.
So I just took photos of what caught my eye.

I saw Matt a few times, such as in this shot, but it was raining so hard he could not hear me over the patter of it hitting the roof.

I know it's because I never really thought about it before, but I really didn't know the Navy had anything to do with the space program.

After the museum, we headed back to camp after having a late lunch out with Gina and her kiddos.

Just an FYI

It FINALLY stopped raining. We checked the radar and saw it might actually hold off a while before coming right back, so we all decided to pack up the next morning while it was still dry and head back a day early.

Katy came up with a plan to go to the pavilion at the West Beach. The ranger said we could just use it freely, so Kurt got some wood from various spots and built a fire. We toasted marshmallows and the kids set up games, rode scooters and there was some sunset action as well!
I was not 100%, so I skipped the group hike and hung out with Dakota at the fire.