You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

The plane left from Huntsville at 3 on Saturday afternoon with a quick lay-over in Charolotte, NC before boarding to go to San Diego, CA.

The last time I left town on my own was in 2005, I spent a week with Jacqueline down in Cayman. That was a big event, Matt and Heather teamed up to take care of the kids and Heather ended up taking care of Matt, too. He apparantley spent a good deal of time eating dinner with her family and lying around being morose. Heather described his as 'a sack of sad'.

The kids did fine.

That time, I flew out of Atlanta and landed in GC, so no lay-over. The last time I had a lay-over was in 1991 when I worked in Montana for the summer and flew Huntsville to Atlanta to Salt Lake City to Missoula. Since I was 16, they came and got me from one plane and drove me across the tarmac to the next plane both times I changed planes. Which is why I claim Utah as a state I have been to, I actually touched the ground there!
Flying over the Great Salt Lake was amazing, better than flying over the ocean even.
I have flown to Michigan, back in high school and in between 6th and 7th grade, we all flew to the Bahamas one summer and snorkeled and dove and also sunburned like we'd been deep fried. That was some serious sun. My mother made us all lay out on the deck with no sunscreen to prep for the trip.
It did not help. Even the inside of my ears peeled.

Those are all of the times I have been on a plane, only once as an adult and that had no plane changes and the rules were not as strict in 2005. I am a little nervous about being singled out about my vitamins or why I have a first aid kit. I have a real issue with direct questions, my brain just shuts down. I can't recall my age, or Matt's birth date or where I was last Thursday. If a person in uniform were to ask what was in each vitamin capsule, I'd probably blank on what a vitamin was and stare dumbly, wheels turning but not engaging any sort of mental drive while they punched the number for the loony bin and offered reassuring smiles. Or, you know, shot me.

Getting through security was no issue, I worried about my plethora of vitamins and my bottle of tea tree oil, but they never said boo. I arrived 2 hours early and whisked through and sat for another hour and 59 minutes. *sigh*

On the plane to NC, I talked to Andrew Sellers, the guy next to me. He is going to be famous for writing scripts, so keep an eye out. Then he can demand me as the location scout for all his movies and I will be director of photography. ; ) It WAS nice to chat with someone, I was super nervous and thankfully it was a short flight, so I was able to settle down.

The plane was a little late landing, then there was another plane in the way, then some machinery was in the way and so by the time I got off the plane and collected my luggage, I had about 20 minutes before my connecting flight took off. I was way at one end of the airport and the gate I needed was almost as far away as it could possibly have been. And the people movers were not working, I jogged. Eep. When I got to the gate, they were already boarding and I was a sweaty mess.

I got to my seat and stowed my bags and the plane took off just a couple minutes after that.

I sat myself at the very back of the plane so there would not be wing in EVERY shot and so by the time the food trolley got to the row in front of me, they were out of food. : ( I had a gingerale. So sad!

The flight was long and dull, no one talked to me, the nearest person had on his headphones and did not chat. I could not really see much, it was pretty hazy the whole way and then there were just clouds for along while. Still, I took 300 pictures, so there must have been SOMETHING out there to see.

When the plane landed, I called Teresa and let them know I was starving, so after they picked me up, we went for fish tacos. They were okay, I think I wanted the vinegar taste since it was fish and cabbage. I tried various salsas and ended up with fire mouth and drank WAY too much and then by the time we had driven all around and see the ocean at night and all of that, I thought I was not going to make it to the bathroom in time. I was doing the dance!

Even though we have another 6 days together, Teresa and I sat up until well after midnight chatting away, what fun!

When I left AL, it was just after 3 p.m. barely an hour later I was in NC and it was 5:30. Then the plane left at around 6 and 5 hours later, we landed at 8 in CA. So my brain was really in a fog.

My send-off party. Chandler defected from the family first chance she got.

This is the plane I took from Huntsville to Charlotte

This is the plane I took from Charlotte to San Diego

It was a BIG plane compared to the little one I was just on.

Below is a cheater shot from the plane. I just sped up the shutter speed to make it look like night.