The salt marsh is my second favorite habitat. I could have spent the whole trip standing in the grasses looking at stuff.
Marsh mud smells to high heaven and is hard to get off, but I love it all.

A little more classroom time before we loaded onto the buses!

There is so much to take in, even in just a 4 hour class.

I love the blue!

I get distracted by a pitcher plant

The kids help load gear on the bus

We arrive and get unloaded, our first stop is the marsh and the we get in the mud straightaway.
Ben finds a tiny tiny crab:

Ben finds another tiny crab!

Everyone put what they found into buckets and Greg went through the buckets and identified each critter before letting it go again.

Some muddy folk!

We gathered more gear and headed to the north side of the island where the water was much more clear.

Greg showed how to use all the equipment and set us loose.

There was more putting things in buckets, but he also went through what came in on the nest as they arrived, keeping the more interesting specimens so everyone could see them and putting everything else back in the water as quickly as possible. Even just going out 50 feet from shore, there were lots of different critters to see!

Emma had loads of little shrimp. They jump around and look like popcorn when you scoop them up.

I caught this one!

The above and below are under water, I was playing around.

this is a horrible photo of a TINY puffer fish!

This is a sea robin!

Greg finished up our afternoon out with a final run through the buckets.
He also blew the puffer fish up with his mouth.

The recently freed blue crab comes straight at me. That net is Sammy coming to the rescue!

I thought these houses were scandalized by us being in the bay, hahaha!

Another one!
I love crabs.

Back to the buses!

We got back to camp and cleaned up.
Alex wanted sea food, so he went to eat with Sarah and Ben, Chan, Emma and I went to Waffle House. hahahaha

Our nasty shoes and our dorm!

We went through Bayou La Batre and saw the shrimp boats on the way to dinner