I have never been to Sea Lab and wanted to go, so I set up a trip to see what it was about.

We had a group of 35 attend, we stayed in the dorms for 2 nights, took 2 classes and the vessel trip. It was a short trip, but I learned a TON and I don't think I remember even a third of what was taught. We will definitely be back!

I drove down with Chan, Ben, Alex and Emma
We only stopped a couple times for gas and restroom breaks, so the drive was only around 5 and a half hours.

As we came around the curve, they all said how much the bridge reminded them of driving across Oregon Inlet.


I got us checked in, picked up our packet which contained key fobs for the adults to open the dorm doors and keys to all the rooms in our dorm level as well as wrist bands for the kids and several forms. Next time, I need to bring scissors for the bands!

Folks started arriving in trickles and everyone picked a room and got settled.
I headed down to see the sunset.

After a quick run to Subway for some food, we met back up with the group for a quick meeting to get everyone on the same page, then walked across the road to the boardwalk.

Ninja tag!

Everyone decided they wanted to walk on the 'real' beach, so we went to the public beach and walked along the shore for another hour or so.
I was attacked by mosquitoes, they rarely bite me, so I must have been super tasty! The breeze was blowing, we were surrounded by salt water and it was chilly out. I NEVER expected skeeters.

We headed back for what turned out to be a chilly night at the dorms. I did not have enough bedding and the heat never kicked on.

NEED TO KNOW: Fitted sheet even with a sleeping bag. The mattresses are covered, but still ooogy enough to warrant covering completely. They are surprisingly comfortable!
There are AC units in each dorm room capable of running as just fans and making white noise.
The dorm rooms are fairly large with a desk, 2 chairs, 2 twin beds and a dresser. There are also closets. The beds are in an L formation and not smack next to each other.
There are 2 bathrooms, one for boys and one for girls. There are 4 toilets and 4 showers per bathroom. There are more showers with changing rooms attached under one of the classrooms that can be used.
The downstairs dorm has a common room and in it there are coin/dollar bill operated vending machines.
Basic snacks and Coke drinks in the dorm, Pepsi under the classroom.
The common room has a tv/dvd player and several couches and chairs.