Today we slept in a little, then strolled around the grounds here at the cabin place. It's really pretty and there are horses in the big pasture next to us. They were very friendly, but soon wandered off when we did not pull carrots or sweet feed from our pockets.

We went into Tellico to Tellico Grains and picked up spinach ricotta croissants, a loaf of herbed flatbread and a loaf of Italian Fougasse and placed our order for brick oven pizza-roasted garlic and spinach.

We walked around Tellico, I found the used bookstore, which was PACKED. I wish I had a few hours, but I wandered out with no books. Too much to try to decide. They did have 2 large shelves of homeschool materials, I was surprised. We took pictures of the square and played pat-a cake with the cat locked in the art store. He wanted out!

Back at the bakery half an hour later, the pizza was ready to eat! We bought drinks and dug in. Amazing.
Since it was a little pizza, we bought chocolate chip cookies before heading out. : )

We got on the Skyway and turned to go to Bald River Falls. We hiked to the top and down the trail a ways, then drove to Green Cove where we bought some drinks. Then back up to the Skyway, which sounds like we zipped around, but these were long, narrow, curvy and mostly gravel roads. We stopped to do a hike along the way, too.

On the Skyway, we went right to Huckleberry Knob and did the 2.2 mile hike UPHILL to the bald. It was beautiful! We ate our croissants there, drank ginger beer and snacked on seeds and mango gummies. *sigh* Perfect.

We walked back down the mountain and drove on into Robbinsville, NC where we picked up a geocache and then decided to head BACK the 53 miles to Tellico to get the sunset.

We stopped at Hooper's Bald and stretched our achy muscles and saw a teeny mouse. We broke our 'feeding wildlife' rule and handed (he was very tame) him a chunk of our bread. He was in heaven, it was so funny. He climbed on it and shut his eyes and ate and ate until his sides were rounded out. Poor guy was hungry! We named him Snakesnack.

We caught the sunset and came off the Skyway, planning to stop at the Beach for burgers, but it was PACKED. So we came on to the cabin and ate flatbread and cheese and I soaked in the...warmish bath. The hot water heater is about 4 gallons. It's very tiny. I could have used a long soak in a hot tub, I am going to be SORE tomorrow from that climb.

We are getting ready to hit the sack. I had sort of thought this might be a romantic getaway, but Matt is already asleep! LOL

All my shots from today were resized in-camera, so none have been edited, sorry about the lighting in a few!

Our Fresh Market bounty!
French vanilla granola, double-dip malt balls, wasabi mix, raw almond
almond butter, okra crisps, nut mix, dried papaya
We also got ginger beer and lavender mint water.

Bald River Falls
Very backlit!

These really are not the exact same shot.

The trail went across the lower bald and through the woods, it was very pretty! That's Hooper's Bald across the way there, on the far mountaintop to the right.


I insist on calling the above vest my 'photojournalist' vest, even though it was originally given to Matt.
He has to be in a good mood to let me wear it in public, LOL! Usually he gives the tipped eyebrow of skepticism.

This little guy could have fit on a quarter, SOO cute.
Tiny feet, I bet he was just a couple weeks old.


Day's Totals
$5.20 for drinks
$21 at Tellico Grains