First, recap of the drive.


Hooray! Let's hope that's a trend!

I went to the library this afternoon (in case you forgot from the previous page) and picked up a huge pile of books and several books on CD.
We listened to Bill Bryson read some of his book A Short History of Nearly Everything. It's...over my head for the most part. But I am hanging in there. It is very interesting, I can follow some of what he is saying from watching The Big Bang Theory and from reading A Child's Book of Answers in Science, so...I am not sure how intellectual that makes me. I just can't make the expansion of the Universe make sense. Not there, there. 3 minutes and 98% of all matter that will ever be just came into existence. And space is so big that everything out there in it only takes up 13 trillionths of the space available. And if our solar system was in scale with the Earth the size of a pea, Pluto would be 1.5 miles away and the size of a speck of dust. The sun would be barely visible-the size of a pin head from there.
Bill Bryson has a VERY calming voice, it's pleasant to listen to him speak, which helps the ache in my head from what he says.

Getting here from there:
I picked Matt up after work and we decided to go to Fresh Market. I passed the exit and he did a little dance of 'there went the exit'. I said that was not the only Fresh Market.
He was all excited then! Obviously we were going to Earth Faire instead, oh boy!
I said no, that we were going to a different Fresh Market. The one on Shallowford.
He thought about that a while, asked where Shallowford Road was and I said

As SOON as he figured out we were actually on our trip, he immediately ran down everything he was certain I forgot to pack for him. Ha. Can I peg him or what?

I drove us, so here are the 2 pictures I took on the way:

Sunset on Nickajack Lake

Us at the rest stop.

We got to the cabin at 10 Eastern, got unpacked and I put our bedding on the bed as I am anti public beds.
The cabin is much bigger than I thought, it has a full bathroom and full kitchen, the back porch looks out on the creek.
I took one non-blurry shot, I will get more of the inside when I have better lighting tomorrow.

Day's totals:
$4.10 at Dollar General for picnic supplies
$4.01 for Taco Bell
$31.20 at Fresh Market
$41 for gas