The Plan Unfolds.

It's wrinkled.

The internet has been out at home, a fiber cable leased from ATT is down between the radio tower and...wherever the tower gets it's magic internet rays from. My plans to call and confirm our reservations are jammed up because I can't get the number off the e-mail trapped on my gmail account-or the address for the cabins.

Matt thinks we are going out Friday after he gets off work for a little alone time while the kids stay at Karen's house. He thinks we will run by after we go out for dinner and pick them up, head home to load the van and hook up the camper and then head out early Saturday to camp at Indian Boundary. Like I would haul the camper with the check engine light on. Jake is with Evan in North Carolina this week, they are going to drop him at Karen's tomorrow night on the way back home.

What's really happening is that I the kids are staying with Karen for the weekend and I am picking Matt up after work to head out for 3 nights alone in a cabin by the creek at Tellico Plains! It will be our first time alone away from home in nearly 5 years-and that was 2 nights on our 9th anniversary, which were the first nights we have had away since our 2-night honeymoon going on 14 years ago.

We do EVERYTHING with the kids and I love that, I want that to be their memory of childhood-being included in everything we do and knowing we put them first-and they are great kids, having them with us is a joy. But at the same time...the kids are getting older and within less than a decade they will all be adults and Matt and I have had...less than a week our whole married life where it's just the 2 of us. That's what happens when your first born walks you down the aisle and your second born arrives 9 months and 7 days after the vows. I sometimes wish we did not have an instant family, but it works for us.

Friday afternoon:

Dave came by and picked up the kids. I headed in for lunch with Matt and I am currently at the library, feeling VERY full from my smoked turkey gyro at Taziki's. I have to leave in an hour to pick him back up after work. I don't know why they play 'job' on Friday, it's more of a wear jeans, go golf and long lunch, leave early kind of thing. I guess it's good for morale, but a day off would be better.

I got the van loaded with no issues, ran my checklist ONCE and hit the road. I feel good about the trip, now that it is more or less underway.
I was able to get online this morning and plugged the address into Nuvi and called to confirm our reservations. She said cabin 4 had a cancellation if we wanted to move tomorrow, we could have the hot tub. Hmmm...

I am going to look at the dvds here, since I have my laptop, we can use it to watch movies. If we are TOTALLY quiet and there are no crickets or semi trucks within a 2 mile radius, we can also use it to hear the movies. eep!

Spybot is running at the moment so I am rambling a bit.

Here is where we are staying:
Caney Creek Village

Here is a picture of Ben looking at the hole where a tooth used to be moments before:

And Chan drawing her Webkin..s...z?


And here are a few things happening in Evanon, my Animal Crossing game.

First, very sad news. Butch the dog moved out.
Then, we got an anteater named Antonio.

I donated enough bells to the town fund to change the lighthouse into a windmill.

More very sad news, yesterday Curt the bear, my favorite villager, said he was moving. Every time I asked him to stay, he said he was sorry I would miss him and to keep my nose clean after he was gone. I wrote a letter assuring him I would leap to my death from the windmill, but I think he is going to move this time. It's the same conversation I had with Butch a few weeks ago and sure enough, he moved away. No anteater could replace Curt, I am very sad and think I will probably quit playing once he's gone. I don't like the villagers moving away and new villagers coming in anyway, but he is my favorite. : (

He remembered my birthday, sent me a card and gave me cake.

We watched the fireworks together to kick off the start of summer.

He tried to explain disappointment.

He's so helpful.
(Check out mini-me's tan.)

He's good with advice.

He's fashion conscious.

He's always forgotten all about moving away in the past.

He's always giving advice on dealing with village gossip.

And many, many other reasons. I really hope he's at least still in Evanon when we come back, I would have to miss the chance to say goodbye.