We got back in time to see some windsurfing! Ben decided to give it a go
Matt had gotten out earlier and ended up 3/4 a mile away and unable to sail back against the wind. He and Rho and Kurt walked back through the sound, hauling the boards. ACK.
The figured out how to work the wind, it was easy going after that!

Our house had a bulkhead beach with steps going into the water.

Ben got up and got going straightaway.
All of the kids nailed it PDQ

Matt opted for something more his speed!

He finally got back on a board, having had rotten luck earlier in the day.
His rotten luck held. See how he's barefoot? Don't do that in the sound, there are oyster beds ALL over.

I was losing the light!
Matt lost the wind and had to haul the board and sail back in.
About 10 feet from the steps, he sliced his foot open in 6 spots on an oyster bed.
His big toe got the worst of it, it sliced along the toenail and peeled back, ensuring that while I can get ointment and wrap on it, I can't actually look directly at it.


The hot tub was heavily used, there was a hot shower right next to it, so everyone could rinse off and get in.

I KEPT stepping on sand spurs and Matt had to dig out 6 in one evening.
In my defense, they were EVERYWHERE, even in the carpet of the house!