On Wednesday, the wind had let up enough to make windsurfing an option, so boards and sails were rented (the store was RIGHT next door!)
While some folks sailed, some others went exploring. I had Ben, Chan and Emma. Katy was with the littles and Amanda.

We headed out first, so we stopped a couple of times ahead of everyone else.

We ended up pulling off last at the bridge Matt built because the sound and sea were so close in that area.
We started out near the sea and the rest of the group found us there.

But first, we found quicksand.
It was SO FAST, thankfully it just went to our knees, but it was still scary as heck to be walking along and BAM. You are knee deep. There was no gradual sinking.
It was firm enough to walk on, if you walked hard and fast. Like oobleck!

I dropped my waterproof camera in the sound. :( So I was using my big Canon and the lens has specks. GAH

An old pier

Matt's bridge!

These two were shuffling their feet and it sounded like zippers!

Dead mermaids!

Crab hole
We saw one the next morning that my whole arm could fit in to.

I love all the different patterns and surfaces at the beach!

Sweet Bird!

Tiny crab!

We headed up for one more stop at Pea Island to have a nice long walk.

These are Virginia creeper fruits.

I wish the kids had younger cousins, but they sure get that dose of family love from the little ones in our group. Inde and Eyrin LOVE Chan and Eamrin thinks Ben is awesome. Below, Ben and Emma are teaching him Rock, Paper, Scissors.