Tuesday morning, Ben and Emma are the only kids up, so they hang out again until more teens awaken

It was Rho's 17th birthday! She wanted to go to the aquarium, so we all went and everyone bought a membership so we can go to the zoo

No idea what he's up to in this pic, but-he's not at work! yay!

This is the bridge that looks like Matt built it. It's terrifying.

Pea Island is only SLIGHTLY less covered

So many dead gulls. :(

See the Bodie Island Lighthouse off to the right?

The waves are still huge off on the ocean




we had a great time at the aquarium, hung out for a few hours and hit the snack bar for lunch. I had ...nachos!



The kids did the turtle rehab stations.

Below is a flashback to the release of her sea turtle in 2012:


We attended the shark talk, which always does me good. I like to hear how I am more likely to be killed by a cow, dog bite or taking a selfie than I am to be eaten by a shark.
Afterward, we got to go up and look at a bunch of different shark jaws.

On to the touch tanks:

we put Chan in the Hurricane Tunnel:

Matt compares teeths


SUPER happy light!
We were on the island of Roanoke, but Google could not find the lost colony!
Matt and I had a walk while everyone else went to watch the stingray feeding.

The...Abelmarle Sound?

Our aquarium membership also got us in at Jenette's Pier, so off we went!

Jenette's Pier