We packed and loaded up Saturday night. Checkout is something like 9 a.m., but we had to be on the road by 3 again. We took Alex with us to drop off at his house when we picked up Jake. Katy was just a couple hours behind us, but Alex wanted to be home as fast as possible, so that worked out fine.
Jake was house sitting the second half of the week at Katy's, but on Sunday-before we made it to the island in fact-he had gone off in the Volvo and it had quit on him.
Dy got him home and her husband, who had a similar Volvo, was unable to crank it. It was about 3 miles from our mechanic's so instead of using our last free tow via AAA (they go up to 150 miles) we called Beth to go get it Monday morning. They hauled it in ($50) and put it in a bay. It cranked right away. They cranked it 3 times a day until Friday, when they moved it to the back lot until we got it on Monday. Never did figure what happened to it. So, anyway, my father drove Jake to Katy's and we had to pick him up because he had an interview at 6 a.m. on Monday! Ack

We drove back across North Carolina and through Asheville


We drove along the Nantahala for 20 miles. We could not resist this roadside stop for a few minutes

We drove along the Ocoee River and into Cleveland, where we grabbed dinner and then on in to Huntsville at 6:30. We got to our house around 8 and unloaded.
Matt's alarm went off at 4:30 Monday morning and I went to get Jake up to shower, I had to run him to his interview because we could not get the Volvo on the way in!
I woke up dreading the long drive home, it took a minute or two to realize, I was already back!

The week went SO fast, even the long drive home seemed moments instead of hours.

I usually do a cost breakdown at the end of a trip, but we split everything other than what food and gas we used as a family (and entry fees), so I am not 100% sure how much the trip cost! I would put it somewhere around $1200.