we checked the website to make sure the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was still open.
It was.
We all drove down.
It was not open!


We went to the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum with Katy and Emma and the rest of the group headed to the beach.

We headed off to join the rest of the group.
Even with the delay, they were just getting set up when we arrived. Ah, the joys of no longer having small children! hahaha

Matt and Birdie were huge buddies because Bird wanted to know ALL about Matt's toe injury.

My foot in Ben's footprint

I love how narrow the island is. You can stand in the middle and see the sea and the sound.

Shrimp Boil!
Shrimp, potatoes, corn
grits, rice
French bread
garlic cheddar biscuits

This was our mead flight. I liked most of them.
The Blod, I think Viking Blod was my favorite. It's also over $30 for a bottle slightly larger than a 20 ounce bottle of soda.

I think there were 15 shrimp left.
Those got eaten at breakfast!