15 hour drive starting at 3 a.m.

Me 'n Piglet. :D

This peach was disturbing as it peeped over the skyline AND it was in South Carolina

It rained off and on, mainly on, until we hit the NC border.

Matt drove 14 hours

Road snax!

Some updates.

Haw flakes. Not bad!

Mango mochii, soooo yummy

Chan took over about an hour out because the road was straight and the speed constant-seemed a good spot to practice. She ended up driving the rest of the way-across bridges with the wind blowing the rain sideways, past dunes with waves crashing so hard that the sea foam was flying, past injured and dead seas gulls by the dozen, through standing water and blowing sand. It was quite an experience! She did GREAT.

That's the Intracoastal, some 30 miles from the ocean. The wind was CRAZY.


We hit Nag's Head and turned south onto Bodie Island, passing the lighthouse:

Then the long bridge over Oregon Inlet:

Over the little bridge to Pea Island, where the water was standing:

18 miles of sand and/or water in the road.

Whippy foam.
When Katy came through 3 hours later, it was totally dark and she thought the foam was gull feathers. ACK

Pea Island Refuge

Some break in the weather?


After everyone arrived, we selected rooms and got unpacked.
We had dinner and then Kurt brought out the first flight of the trip. He has one a night.
This was local-brewed (to us) ale from Straight to Ale
We tried 4 flavors, I did not like any of them! hahahaha
The winner was the Brother Joseph Ale

6 adults emptied 4 12 ounce cans of beer. HORROR!

Between these two shots, we went to see the ocean side of the island. I drove because I banged the living shit out of my toe and it's purple and swollen.
I discovered it was healing well if I didn't put on a shoe! So I drove with bare feet.
The older kids and Matt joined me after a time to go up to the pier since access across the road was not ...accessible!

We pulled in and the waves were hitting right next to the parking area, the pier itself was damaged and we decided quickly we needed to leave.
I put the van in reverse and NOTHING. The lot was covered in just enough sand to make moving once you stopped impossible.
I thought we could just wait for Sammy and Kurt to arrive and the guys could push us out.
Then the next wave more than breached the dune. The lot was suddenly 3-4 inches deep in ANGRY wave water.
The kids bailed and more water was pouring in. They (and Matt) shoved the hood and we were off! eeeee
I moved the van until I felt the pavement, everyone waded over and piled in.
That was SO close, it was scary.

My lit pic of the house. Not quite as dramatic as the rental photos. hahaha


Monday morning!