We headed to Bodie Island Lighthouse Saturday morning
It was open, kind of. The wind was too high to go on the balcony!

the fuel room
55 gallon drums of pig lard were housed here.
That was what the light ran off of.

Back at the house, the rest of the group was zipping around in the Sound, boards had been rented again!
If we go again, I think we will just stay home the whole time and rent boards for the week. :)

Chan finally gives it a go.
She was not a natural! She did get the hang of it after a while, but of all the kids, she had a harder time. Matt was secretly thrilled as he had a devil of a time with it.

Kurt was SO patient, holding the board steady over and over while she fell off 90 times at least

Then...she was up! And off!
The first time she went zipping off I heard her say, "Well. Goodbye, everyone."

Kurt and Sammy rented a BIG board, you have to belt in to use this one.