Our fall vacation this year is a return to the Outer Banks. We had a good time last time we were there, but would have had MORE fun with friends to do everything with! So back in the spring, we were having dinner with the Bothwells and Boggans and we decided what we REALLY needed to do was rent a house somewhere and hang out for several days. The Outer Banks immediately sprang to mind and we made a short list of ideas on where to look at going. We looked at houses in several other spots, but once you added in that there were 16 people, the per night rate LEAPED up, or there were cleaning fees and added resort fees, fees to use the pool, fees for parking a 3rd vehicle or any number of add ons until the $900 a week houses were over $2000. Outer Beaches Realty adds on tax and if you want it (and you do) travel insurance. That $80 is well worth it when you look at all it covers, including delays on actually getting to your destination and any injury once you are there! They even cover hotel stays en route if you can't get there due to weather. Which is great because Hurricane Joaquin is joining us this year!

This time, we are staying on the sound side in a house called...Sound Effect.
I can't complain, I would have named it something equally dorky likes Sunset Station or The Waves House.
In fact, the Waves House is what we have opted to call it anyway.

We'll just have to see if this image is accurate! Assuming it's still standing and there's power to make the lights do that thing.

We had decided to make the 4th floor clothing optional, but now that I am looking at it, there are only 3 floors. So...well, surely we can manage to work something else out. Maybe the beach. But not the hot tub. Ew.

This is a view of the house from the Dairy Queen directly in front of it.

The other 2 families have already headed out! I am excited! We are going to do it all in one go since we don't have little travelers, headed out around 3 the way we do when driving to Disney. I have the van preloaded, in theory we can just get up and leave.
The second time we were headed to Disney, we were all loaded up and I was going to bed early and JUST as I fell asleep, Chandler's reading treehouse in her room collapsed! It took an hour to clean that all up and then it was just an hour until the alarm. So that trip, we left super early but I didn't sleep at all. And we stopped and got bananas and Sweet Benny fell asleep with his still in his hand. Awwww. Baby monkey.
The kids LOVE getting up and leaving really early, it adds to the adventure! I do, too. I love to see where we are when the sun comes up! And I like driving past the boring bits that we've all seen a million times while it's still dark, we usually get far enough that it's new or at least rarely seen stuff when the sun rises.

See you when we get there! Wish us luck!

Day One, Sunday