Monday, it rained ALL DAY LONG

So, the kids entertained themselves. I was saving my toe by not running up and down the steps, so I just caught what happened in the kitchen, our room was off the kitchen and the living area was up there as well. The middle floor had 3 bedrooms, the laundry and a couple bathrooms. The bottom floor had a huge den with the giant TV and a pool table and several couches. The kids hung out there most of the time. The hot tub was also down there, on the deck.
Each floor had a deck and each room opened on to at least one deck, the kitchen had 2 decks!

The house had 4 fully set up kayaks, we had a great time zipping around in the sound in them!

The Pamlico Sound is around 30 miles across, but maxes out between 3 and 5 feet deep (other than where it's dredged) so it's REALLY great for any type of singe person water sport. If you fall off, you just get back on!

LICE, eeeee

looooots of standing water!

Matt and I volunteered to find some safer beach access. This was access point 25 on the way to Avon.

this was 2 days AFTER the hurricane passed some 400 miles off shore.

The wind and water combined to make some amazing sand sculpture.

Accretion filled the boardwalk in nearly level with the railing!


Back home, we hauled out a book on the sea Amanda brought:

it sees me!

It realizes my butt will never fit that teeny mouth.

This was a T/F question. I saw no pigs the whole trip!

Kurt and Katy bought $950 in groceries.
Not really, but that's a LOT of bags!! We doubled them up to take up less space.

Flight, Night 2
I LOVED the strawberry lime and finished off 2 more another night. The rest were okay, did not like the dark and dry, though everyone else did.
I think next time, they are going to buy me a milkshake and put me somewhere to read while they taste things. hahahaha