The Living Desert Zoo at Carlsbad is a worthwhile stop if it's not hot. The zoo is all outside and it's over a mile and has a climb to it.

They only have plants and animals from the desert area, which was really nice!

More non-blueberries

They had lots of animals, I just don't like taking photos through cage wire

we camped at that lake way off in the distance!

eeee! I want this in my yard!

free agent!

Desert willow

Carrion flowers

Nothing in the desert wants to be touched.

Guess what was in the bird area? Freaking Canada Poose. I hate those birds!

Ben has a similar dislike for prickly pear as he came over sighing that the map showing where they grew in the US was totally purple. I guess he imagined a little cabin in Maine where no wild cacti might take root.

Camping Out