The elevator, the glass tube in the above shot, was broken, so we had to walk from the little building down into the cave and down 750 feet over 1.2 miles to reach the Big Room which is another 1.2 miles around. Then walk back up.
We walked out with the engineer's wife-the guy who JUST gave the all clear on the repairs.
But then he walked out, too, so maybe that was the better choice, though I can tell you, climbing up was kinda hard.

this was surreal. And SO welcome!

Chan sending Phoenix a postcard from 750 feet below the surface!
We had a snack at the lunchroom, so nice!
I had been to the caverns a few years ago, but arrived too late to tour. I managed to totally miss the 'food and bathroom' part of the cave.

It's a lion's tail!!

this was the point that everyone stopped complaining about the climb out. At least we had ramps!!

I was behind a couple of Chinese girls and one said to the other about the stalagmites "those look like *whisper whisper*" and they both giggled like mad.
I instantly missed Gina.

Somnambulist Safety Man says NO






Headed home