The kids finally got into their goodie box.
If I had it to do again, I would have skipped the hard box, it was surprisingly a pain to stow all week!

The butter rum sunscreen chapstick I got from Cairn is WHITE.

Driving in to White Sands

You get to the visitor center, get a campsite there and then you don't have to be in the campsite until about an hour before dark, so we looked around and saw the sleds were $17 each, so when we left to get gas and lunch, we popped in at the Wal-Mart 12 miles away and they had the SAME sleds for $5 and change.
So, we bought 2 figuring (correctly) that we would not want to sled for hours on end. Getting up the dunes is hard work!

The picnic area is crazy cool.
But the bathrooms are pit toilets and the sand holds the smell for a LONG ways around them.
In fact, the sand holds lots of smells-the toilets, the leachate from the trash cans (wet trash smell) and in the dunes, the smell from pee from previous campers. It was surprisngly stinky there.

The sand was very cool underfoot. We actually hiked to our campsite barefoot, which was a bad idea as the sand was COLD overnight! I had to do some dancing when I was up taking photos.

Sand sledding is not like snow sledding. Just because there is a slope does not mean you will slide down.
It has to be steep!

After we were done sledding, this UFO came whizzing by (several times) and I was lucky enough to capture it!:


Camping out