White are active earthquake sites and red are volcano
Before we all think Alabama is super safe, keep in mind that scientists recently (end of April) decided the plate under us is peeling off and sliding back into the mantle, meaning the crust is thinning and we should all be ready for The Big One. Or a few small ones, or some at all.

As much as skeletons, I love seeing the ocean as it was where I am currently standing. I also, as it turns out, REALLY like prairie dogs

eeee! A dead thing!

Chatty dead things!

Did not make this up

tiiiiiiny dead thing


Prehistoric Nia

A fish that could EAT YOU

I needed some help fleshing this one out in my mind:

Delighted to be dead and in this display!
The dead guy in the very back is having a jaw dropping time while the dead cow has the giggles and that bear thing is waving. HI MOM
I wish I had put this one together, it is the best display in the whole place.

From inside the glass elevator!

What did this buffalo say when his child was leaving for college?
Nothing, because we don't have buffalo, we have bison. The scientific name is Bison bison. And the American bison is Bison bison bison.

Chandler lords over the tiny grasslands and thinks of nothing but turtle snacks.

I so super wanted to see one of these!!!

They had a huge Galileo display, which we looked at for a long time and I took A SINGLE PHOTO.

Snack time in the car!
These are Be Good Bars

Off to the Wichita Mountains because we really thought the rain was through!