Sunday was snowy, so instead of camping out Monday night, we decided to get another AirBnb house.
Then, we liked ABQ so much, we wanted to stay at Gwyn's, but the cancellation fee was the full night's rent on the house at Truth or Consequences, so we were stuck going.
We headed north for the day anyway, the plan was to go to a hot spring-to hike to a hot spring-and soak it in.
I did that at 17 and it's a magical memory, I wanted the kids to have the same experience.

So, off to the Santa Fe mountains through Jemez Springs. The photos are heading up and coming back out, I did not bother splitting them since it's all the same area.


This is the view from my new house, Desert Willow. That's the roof. I love it.
Now I just need a way to pay for it. *sigh*


So begins our hike to the hot springs!

And our quick retreat. Between the snow melt making the water cold, the naked guy, the 3 kids smoking pot and the leech Matt saw in the water, we beat a hasty retreat.
It was a huge disappointment.