With 8 days at the parks and 8 additional passes to the waterpark and Disney Quest and only 14 days total, we are having to do some planning! One day at one park is $99 a person base. By the time you get to more than 3 days, it's cheaper and cheaper until that 8th day was only $12 to add on. So, I added it figuring if we only go to ride a couple rides and watch Fantasmic that whole day, it's worth the money.

We have 2 full weeks, so the plan is to go to the parks Monday-Thursday of both weeks and do the water parks and Disney Quest on the weekends. We won't use all 8 extra passes, but it's still worth it. Here is my tentative schedule. I don't go ballistic if we get off course, only if other people are relying on us. The only day we have to be anywhere at any time is the seminar.

Sa 27th
Set up camp by 5
Buy groceries
Pool time
Hay ride at 9:30
Bed by 11
Sat 4th
Sleep late
Choice of:
Disney Quest
Water Park
Bed early
Su 28th
Sleep until 8:30
Big Breakfast
Typhoon Lagoon from 10-2
Late Lunch Downtown Disney
Disney Quest from 4-9
Bed by 10:30
Sun 5th
Sleep Late

Mon 29th
Sleep until 6:30
Quick Breakfast
8-12 at AK
Lunch at camp
Evening at HS or EPCOT
Bed by midnight

Mon 6th
Tues 30th
Sleep until 8 a.m.
Big Breakfast
Bed by 10
Tues 7th
Wed 1st
up at 6
Big Breakfast
Hollywood Studios 9-1
Lunch and rest or pool 1-4
EPCOT 4-11
Bed by midnight
Wed 8th:
Fantasmic at 9
Thurs 2nd
up at 7:30
Quick Breakfast
Lunch at camp
Evening at park of choice
Thur 9th:
Fri 3rd
up at 8:30
Quick Breakfast
Water Park 10-3
Big late lunch
Laundry, grocery
Bed Early
Friday 10th
Break camp
Load Car