I have our packing list here if you want to see it. I find it easier to be sure I have everything coming back home if I have the list with me. We will get groceries there, less to haul and find room for in the van.

Matt had to work the Friday we left out-not only that, but that was the end of the fiscal year-the single most stressful week of his whole year.

I got Nia to Katy's, picked up my Frontier order and dropped books at the library, hit the Asian market and zipped home for a few minutes before getting the kids to a friend's house for a birthday party. Matt was home when I got there, we finished packing the van and cleaned the bathrooms, swept, vacuumed and mopped and got all the trash out. We had a couple hours to snooze a little the kids got back home around 11 with Dae in tow. We dropped her off with her dad on our way to the Interstate and stopped once for gas around 3 a.m. and Matt got pulled over for running a red light, but it was TOTALLY the cop's fault. He was in a parking lot and when we topped the hill, he rolled forward just enough to set off the automatic light changer. It went from green to yellow to red in about 20 seconds all while we were going downhill at around 40 MPH with a camper on the back, we were under the light when it turned. He pulled us over, but let us go. I would have been LIVID if he'd given us a ticket, that was dirty!!

Another long stretch of driving and another fill-up after the state line, we had lunch at Taco Bell (surprise! But really, the menu is varied and there are healthier & GF options). We got to the campsite around 2:30 and set up in record time. First the camper and then the tent directly behind that, both on the crushed shell pad. We have learned to hate the crushed shell. The camper is actually over the edge, so you are on pavement until you walk in, but the shell gets everywhere. I sweep 4-5 times a day (all 3 square feet of floor space!) and it's still in the beds and stuck in corners and even if you wipe your feet, there are bits that don't come off. It's an amazing substance, all I can think that gets more 'everywhere' is spilled glitter. Even sand will eventually give up and fall off. Crushed shell won't.

We went and picked up our groceries for the week, went for a swim around 11, then got in bed and up the next morning for Typhoon Lagoon!




Off to Typhoon Lagoon!