The Official Disney Info

The Food and Wine Festival is a really cool and really pricey event.
There are 25 kiosks set up from different countries, each has a sandwich board that describes the food and wine offerings as well as the price. You order and pay, they give you a ticket and you walk around and pick up your food, they tear your ticket at the second window. Then you sit somewhere and try your choice. I'd say 3-4 snack size portions would be about a meal.

I would not go every day, but we sure enjoyed the days we did go! We had food from Greece, Great Britian, Scotland (haggis!), Italy, Chile, Puerto Rico, Morracco, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, China and a couple other kiosks like the champagne and dessert kiosk. I am sure I missed a few, and we hit Greece several times.

At $3-5 a sample, it's not cheap, but I think the experience was worth it, we all ate things we never thought we would get the chance to try or had always wanted to try. I'll shell out for experiences over 'stuff' any day, this totally counted. We had a blast trying things and I know I would love to go back again.