Disney is not very forthcoming with the info on these things and people who attend them must sign a nondisclosure form because they don't blog about it later. Having no scruples, I won't let that stop me! I was told that 2 weeks before the event, I would get an e-mail with details and information, but all they sent was something I needed to print out to bring in with me. I HATE printing out stuff, I don't have a printer. I have to forward everything to Matt. I kill all printers, it was decided not not replace the last one.

So, this is where, once I have attended the seminar, I will write about what happened! I can't even give a 'more info' link to a Disney page because they are in denial that the seminars are a thing, even Student Services has 'never heard of' the Student Seminar they sell, when you call them directly!

Okay, we went. It was pretty basic, about 90 minutes of listening to the manager of The Land and the greenhouses talk about growing food. No moving around or trying anything, just sat and listened and watched her. She was nice and very informative and at the end we got a handout on making a hydroponic garden in a fish tank. We actually have several empty tanks, so we may give that a shot.

All the seminars run about the same time frame, you check in at the front, they find your name and mark you off, you sit and it happens. I guess they did not tell us much because there was not much to tell. If you want more hands-on and moving around, sign up for one of the Y.E.S. classes they offer at other times when you go, they are around $40 more each, but well worth it if you have a kid who wants to get behind the scenes and learn more about a topic.