Magic Bands are a new thing Disney is working on. They are the precursor to every human being microchipped at birth with our data encoded. My parents used to freak out about this possibility, it's of course, the Mark of the Beast. And the Happiest Place on Earth started it.

Actually, people have been getting their info chipped into themselves for years. College girls have their ID and credit card info embedded under their skin so they don't have to carry around a wallet. Some employees have been microchipped so they can pass through their workplace without stopping to scan at doors. I imagine for the foreseeable future, it will be along those lines-convenience. Though I have chipped my pets, I'll pass on chipping myself for the time being. Though with the kids all being teens, I have wished I could chip them with a GPS. Not a helicopter mommy, just a little computer tracking their every move...that's not too weird, right?

Anyway, the Magic Bands are pretty cool, though I have read they can crash and fail and still are rather buggy at times. The best part, for me so far, is that from my computer at home, 2 months ahead of arrival, I could go online and save us a spot in line on certain days. I did not do every day, but I did hit the highlights to be sure we rode what we wanted.

Other than as fast passes, the bands act as your resort key (at the campground they lock the bathrooms at midnight, you have to scan to get in to tinkle!) parking pass, photo pass, you can link them to your credit or debit card for purchases and of course, they are how you get into the parks. In return for just waving your hand at things to get what you want, Disney tracks your every move through the parks and probably anywhere else on the resort properties. This is vital info for R&D, though you can request to just use the swipe ticket that only keeps up with fast pass and entry info. I will admit, those are MUCH easier to put in a scrapbook!

I loved the bands. We paid for everything with them, the only thing we had to carry were our cameras! They got us in to park, in other resorts, paid for our purchases at the parks and Downtown Disney and after Chan and I pulled the grey band part off ours to make them a smaller size, they fit comfortably-no trouble wearing them the whole time. They are waterproof and the battery lasts about 3 years.

I wish they had purple! I opted for pink so we did not have any matching bands. The other 2 colors avaiable are orange and yellow.