I seriously love EPCOT. It's really 2 parks, there's the World Showcase and Future World, which are totally different from one another. The World Showcase has mini scenes from several countries. Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morrocco, Japan, United States, Italy, China, Norway and Mexico. There are wares, storytellers and other performers, shows, rides, food and drinks, music, gardens, architecture, exhibits on industry and culture and most importantly people from each country. During our visit EPCOT will be hosting the International Food and Wine Festival which brings in another layer of experience. Foods and beverages from 25 different countries will be available for sampling, prepared by top chefs from around the world, who will be doing demonstrations and classes all through the event. I have already planned a day to just walk and graze and take pictures until my trigger finger can't press the button any longer.

EPCOT stands for Something Something Community Of Tomorrow. SSCOT was orginally designed to have people living there. Okay, I will google the darn thing. Experiemental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. From a couple friendly cast members I have also heard 'Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday', 'Experimental Polyester Costumes Of Torture', 'Every Parent Carries Out Toddlers' and 'Every Person Comes Out Tired'.

Every Person Comes Out Tired is true! It's twice the size of the Magic Kingdom and when it was being built (over a 3 year span, fully opening in October 1982) it was the largest construction project on Earth!

As I was saying earlier, Walt Disney had a vision of it being a city where twenty thousand people lived and worked. Among them, scientists, engineers, teachers, scholars, doctors and inventors who would live and work there with their families, right on the cutting edge of technology. It was going to be a center for education and a Utopian society. Monorails and people movers would get folks from here to there, cars were to be used underground in tunnels so pedestrians would be safe.

Walt died before it ever came to fruition and the powers in control afterward decided they did not want to run an entire city. So, they changed it to a theme park that is different from anywhere else, even in Disney World. Some wanted to keep the technology and advancements and science as the theme, others liked the idea of cultures from around the world coming together in a showcase. There were many more countries on the list: Israel, Costa Rica, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emarites, Venezula. Swizerland took over the Land Pavillion, I am betting because not many people would realize there's a difference between Norway and Switzerland. Or Sweden and Finland for that matter. Sorry, Scandinavia! Your countries are vaguely penis shaped and therefore not on any US High School curriculum. Nor are they any part of Switzerland. It's a 12 hour drive crossing the entire country of Germany to visit one from the other. And that's just Denmark, the closest. I only know this because I like crime novels set in Norway and Denmark.

I have just one other comment to make about EPCOT and it's come up very recently-less than 2 weeks to go before our trip and that is that Maelstrom will be closing down the Sunday we are there and wiill reopen in 2016 as a Frozen-based ride that 'takes you to Arendalle and immerses you in the sights and sounds from the film'. I realize the trolls and psychedelic trees are not 'really Nordic' but Arendalle is totally a fictional place. That, in my opinion, has no place in the World Showcase. Sure, update Maelstrom, but not with a movie plug! That belongs in Magic Kingdom with the other princesses, not in the World Showcase. I am not so sure movies made now hold the same magic and longevity as movies made 50 or even 30 years ago. There are just so MANY more out there.



Our days in the park