Downtown Disney is a huge shopping plaza with everything you can think of Disney related, lots of themed restaurants, the Lego store and 2 Starbucks. It's where the Cirque Du Soeil performances take place and where our favorite fun spot is located, Disney Quest. DQ is a 5 story building filled with old school video games, new games, interactive games like Pirates of the Carribean where you wear glasses and stand on a moving ship deck, one person steers and everyone else fires cannons to sink ships and get gold, SO FUN! There's rafting game where you sit in a full sized raft and paddle away dodging dinosaurs. The whole thing is on a moving platform that collapses and reinflates in sections, so you go up and down when you go over waterfalls and the sides dip and the front goes up and down, SO FUN! You even get wet!

One game, you are in a team of 2, one drives around sucking up balls and one loads and shoots balls at other vehicles to make them spin. Then there is the big deal (for us) Cyber Space Mountain where you design and then ride your own roller coaster! The simulator goes up, down, side to side and upside down. We do it over and over and it was our favorite until we tried out The Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT. Eeeeee!

On to the fun!