I am not being mean with my page title, Matt shaved his head! I told him he instantly looked taller and 13% stronger. Of course, he was LOOMING over me, so I may have a skewed perception. When he has on his shoes and I am barefoot, he is about 7 inches taller than me. No hair means you get stuck looking at his bushy eyebrows for a focal point. Those suckers would intimidate nearly anyone except Inu Yasha.

I have a fondness for certain geological features. Cedar glades and karst topography top my list. I love the salt flats and tidal pools at the ocean. And in the mountains-even more than the waterfalls and streams-I love to walk out onto one of the balds. The contrast is what I love, I think. Walking in the woods, getting higher on the trail, starting to huff and puff and then BAM. Out in the open and a view in every direction. It makes me giddy. Though standing and listening to the tide come in and hearing the crab holes 'plink' as water fills them one by one is something I could do every day of my life and not be tired of it. But, I would get tired of the flat views, even if the sky is beautiful. I love green, I love gray rock and wildflowers and the dirt and stone of the trail and the curve of the hill and the sound of the stream.

At any rate, we headed to Tellico solely to visit Tellico Grains. No, I mean to hike some balds. With bread from Tellico Grains, it really is vital to have the proper equipment and herbed flatbread is essential to any serious day hiker who can get it. The ones who can't feel sorry for themselves and do things like eat chocolate to help themselves feel better. But no chocolate can replace the very essence of the bread. First, it's got a crunchy crust that's oiled and covered in herbs and sea salt. You tear off a chunk and inside, the bread is full of little holes that give it a chewy texture. Then there are little herbs in the bread. It comes in a paper sack and by the time we get to the bald, it will be spotted with oil warmed by the sun. Add in some cheese and fruit and you are one sword and a metal and leather bikini away from being on A Quest. It's more than food.


Below are shots from Huckleberry Knob and Little Huckleberry Knob and the hike there and back.


I got the hummer sandwich, it's hummus, feta, cucumber and tomato:


Below is the view back from the skyway of the bald we walked to.

The drive back to the hotel:

Back to the hotel for food, swim and SLEEP!