Day Eight: Thursday Oct 8
Cathy heads back to Alabama
The drive from Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL
Arriving at camp and setting up for our second week of camping
Exploring the beach and restocking the camper.

Photo by Willy Volk, who, incidentally, is very handsome, you can google him.  I tried to find a valid e-mail address via the google, to get permission to use this pic, but was not successful. 

I have never seen a better snapshot of my mental image, so I decided to use it for discussion and therapeutic purposes until he finds me and tell me to knock it off, at which point I will draw a replacement.

The man has talent.  He also has no inner monkey to screech that there are things with teeth in the water with you.  Or, if he does, he should tell me how to quiet mine:  esther at 


We will be spending a couple days in St. Augustine, tour a couple forts and take a ferry ride.  The whole trip was planned to enable me to get loads of pictures in many situations, but I am particularly looking forward to this stretch of time.  I have a couple locations with skeletal trees, I have no idea why that appeals to me at the moment, but I am nearly giddy with the planning.

We will be camping right on the beach here, which brings in a whole new aspect of the trip-ocean swimming and the start of our snorkeling outings.

Here is what I am 90% sure is right next to me when I have my head underwater if I just turn my head to the side:


Day Nine, Friday
Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Day Ten, Saturday
Local Beaches

Day Eleven, Sunday

Errands, Beach Time

Day Twelve, Monday
St. Augustine

Day Thirteen, Tuesday
Errands, Rain, Possible Laundry

Day Fourteen, Wednesday
Last Full Day at Talbot