October 1-8

Savannah, GA
Population 130,000
Median Income around $30k
Turf Grass Capital of the World
Believed to be named for an Indian term meaning 'grassy plain'
32.083N -81.1W. elevation 20 feet
James Oglethorpe and a group of trustees were given permission by King George II to establish a colony here in 1732.
Slavery and rum were banned in the early days of the settlement, but it is a port city, slaves came through anyway.

To get ready for this part of the trip, I bought a city guide to Savannah from Book Closeouts and I ordered a package of information from the city tourism website.  Wikitravel had a section about the city I read about and I looked up the area on a map and picked out a few near-by areas to visit.  The main draw for Savannah for me was history.  The old houses, the old city, the cemeteries and ruins and loads of historical events.  I know this will not be my last trip, so I can curb some of that desire to see everything old and moss-covered, maybe.

There is a lot to do in the area, more than we can cover in a week!

We are staying 7 nights just outside Savannah, GA
The 5-8th, Cathy and Kaitlin will be joining us along with their puppies in Rome (their camper).

The plan is to hit a few cemeteries, Tybee Island and some of the natural areas surrounding Savannah. 
The kids and I will be in town for Oktoberfest opening weekend, the First Friday Fireworks on River Street and the full moon.
For the drive, I have Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on cd, because apparently you can't go to Savannah without having read it or at least seeing the movie.  I was 19 when the book came out and 23 when the movie came out, I don't remember it.
What I do know is the statue on the cover of the book had to be moved to the museum because so many people came to the cemetery to look at it.
Check out the wikipedia article about the statue.
I feel bad that it took the photographer 10 hours in a dark room to get the image to look the way it did.  That's 3 steps in Photoshop now.

Day One: Thursday Oct 1
The longest drive on the trip, I hope!
Leaving home,
arriving in Savannah,
setting up camp.

Day Two: Friday, Oct 2

The night of the full moon
Hilton Head, SC
Oktoberfest in Savannah

Day Three: Saturday, Oct 3

Groceries, finally
hanging out at camp
Hiking to the salt flats

Day Four: Sunday, Oct 4
Oatland Island
Tybee Island

Day Five: Monday, Oct 5
Rain, Rain, Rain
Cathy joins us

Day Six: Tuesday, Oct 6
Forts, dolphins, jellies and cemeteries

Day Seven: Wednesday Oct 7

Last full day in Savannah
Alligators, Crabs and Welcome to Moe's


Jake the Dog menaced us with some heavy ignore as we waited for a brake job.
His sidekick, Gizmo, got the tops of both of my sandaled feet covered in slobber.
Never let anyone tell you the average day is not filled with peril.