It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.
Douglas Adams

Our last day in Savannah

I am sure not ready to leave Savannah and would not be dissapointed at all if we ended up staying here the rest of the month.
Tomorrow morning will be filled with getting Poppy ready to roll and I am not looking forward to that!  Setting up and taking down camp takes so long.  At least Cathy will be taking some of this extra stuff back with her, I can't believe how much I managed to cram in here after all that time I spent cleaning it out! 
It's all organized better now, so tomorrow should go smoothly.
I hope.

Anyway, TODAY we drove out to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge and saw alligators and birds. 
We had late lunch at Moe's and then stopped at the kitty park and saw the crabs, then came back to camp and hiked to the salt flats again to see the miles of grass and millions of crabs with Cathy.

We headed back to camp around sunset and Cathy is making dinner in Rome and I spent the hour of light we had left in a mad scramble to get camp broken down, sort out what I want to send back and get the van cleaned out for the next leg of the trip.

This may be the last update I can do until the 16th, I am not sure what the wi-fi situation is at the other campground.

See you all in Florida!