I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
Douglas Adams


Happy Birthday Cathy!

* Ü*
We went to downtown Savannah and saw some of the many sights.  Cathy is as in love with this place after one day as I am.  She must have said, "WOW" at least 100 times.

We walked through Forsyth Park and drove by Mercer House and several other landmark homes. 
We finished the morning at Bonaventure Cemetery.

We grabbed a quick picnic in the parking lot at Ft. Jackson and then toured that.
It was just a basic fort with nearly no information.  Other than the latrines, sentry box and jail, there were very few placards to explain what we were seeing.  We were all a little bored by the end and agreed the forts in FL were more fun.

Cathy said she wanted to go to the beach, so off we went to Tybee again.
We got there earlier than last time and were able to spend a couple hours exploring the tide pools.  Jake got nailed by a jellyfish in the shin and it blistered up and looked painful.  He soaked it a while and got back to playing.  He insists he 'saved Chandler' from getting it by moving ahead of her, but the kid has always had to be in front, so I am not buying it. 

We stayed for the sunset and came back to camp to shower and change to go to Moe's for Cathy's birthday dinner.
We arrived at 9:03 and they closed at 9!  Waaaaa

Back at camp, Cathy made pasta and I opted to get our laundry at least started.  I did 2 loads of mostly towels-we were down to 2 clean towels.

Jake and Chan stayed with Cathy in her camper.  Ben and I came back here to sack out, I got to bed around 1 when the laundry was finally dry.


The rocks are a Jewish tradition.
These days, it's a sign someone has been to visit, it used to be that graves were piles of stone and each time a person visited, they brought another stone for the grave as a symbol that the monument to the buried person would never be finished.

Fort Jackson