Douglas Adams


Tragedy struck Camp Homey this morning. 
To set the scene, I will describe the events of last night:
It poured rained.
Okay scene set, now, here we are in our island home in our island campground, the island home being that the campsite is standing in water.
That is not the tragedy, though it does put a damper on things...

No, what happened was that when we went to get our delicious left-over doughnuts, they were covered in sugar ants!  Waaaaaaaaaaa
I am taking it as a sign that we should not have any more doughnuts this trip, though I am very saddened by this, I am sure my arteries and rear-end will benefit in the end.  Literally.

I call this next series of photos:
Chandler Has No Poker Face


It is after noon and still pouring.  I called Matt, who looked up the weather and said the rain is '100% until 4 p.m.' then it should slack off some. 
The kids are watching a Redbox dvd, Battle for Terra.  They are having to use headphones, the rain on our metal and tarp roofs is so loud. 
But that is good news-the tarps are working really well, We don't have any leaks! 
So far

The view from the door:

The campsite is flooded and getting worse.  With 3-4 more hours of this, we may be ankle-deep!  And, I hear thunder!  Eep, that will mean heavier rains.
The dirt here is that really light loamy stuff and each drop makes it splash up and coat whatever it hits.  Also, it sticks to our feet and is really annoying to get off.

I felt bad for picking this site, thinking it was a poor choice, but as I drove around the loop to drop off our trash while ago, all the sites are flooded and some are worse than here.  A couple had an actual current flowing through. 
I noted with narrowed and jealous eyes that the loop next to us has little flooding, but they also don't have a bathouse, so I guess it's a toss-up-hike to the potty 4-5 times a day for the week or wade the one day it rains...Plus, now that I can't see and confirm, I am telling myself it was just that the other loop is grassy, and probably just as flooded, I just can't see the water standing in all that grass.  Yeah.

Chan and I headed out for a little while to go to the Heritage Center, but by the time we found it, it was only open another 30 minutes.  So, we came to the Panera Bread Co and had potato soup bread bowls and tea. 

I talked to Cathy and they were late leaving Decatur and will not be here until after 10.

Here are some shots as Chan and I wandered downtown Savannah looking for the center and then looking for the van...
I did not take many shots as A-I did not want to look like a tourist and B-I was starting to get a little panicked.  Those streets with a durn 'square' on every other corner all look the same! 

How do they build the outside walls on buildings THIS close together?
There is like a 2-inch gap between them.

Hey Honey, the second one is for sale!

OMG, a ghost! 

THE most photographed thing in Savannah, GA

I call this one: Upchuck Duck

Darn tourists and their heads in MY photo

And finally, Chan says HI!:

On the way back, we dropped off the redbox movies and the man ahead of us punched in a code to get a free movie for us.   He was large and insistent that we get a free movie, so we got Hydra, which Jake went gaga for yesterday and I refused to pay money to see it. hehehe!  We watched it and it was just as bad as I thought, though we did have loads of fun heckling it.  Years of watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with Jake have really paid off, he is so freaking funny and plot holes have long been my favorite thing to look for in a movie.  We filled up 2 notebook pages of things they got wrong as well as a body count log-4 archalogists, 3 rich guys, 4 yeomen, the captain of the ship, 2 ex-convicts and the bad guy and his wife.  16 people out of a cast of 19.  Oh, and the hydra.  Chan spent the time listening to music with the headphones on the Eee and Ben played on Chan's DS in my bunk.
They have an unusual amount of common sense and generally avoid any movie Jake really wants to see. 
My favorite line from Jake:
"Oh, I'll just turn off my flashlight and hide and hope at least 2 of the heads won't see me!

We are staying up late, awaiting Cathy and Kaitlin, it's after 10 now and the front gates will be locked, so she will need the code to get in. 
The camper roof did not leak, but in the back corner under where the sink was has sprung a leak.  The rain is running down the side edge of the camper box and running up under the lip, soaking the 1/2 inch of exposed plywood, which has wicked along the rim and soaked the inside of the cabinet along the outside wall. 

The same thing happened in the front and I 'fixed' that by stopping the water from getting under the camper there and then chipping off the soaked wood, slathering the remaining wood in wood hardener and filling in the hole with wood filler and gorilla glue and covering both sides with waterproof duct tape.  That was a patch, I plan to take the cabinets out at some point this winter and replace the front corner with real wood.  Looks like I may be taking out the entire floor...

I have a small heater on inside the open cabinet to help dry it from the inside.  I will tarp over the end tomorrow to keep any more rain from getting to it and hopefully before we move sites, I can at the very least coat the exposed plywood with sealer of some kind to keep it from getting any worse.  I don't want to tackle anything more involved until we get back home.
   I have tub and tile seal in my camper first aid kit and a roll of waterproof duct tape.  Maybe I can dry it out and seal it off for now.

Hurrah, Cathy is here!  She drove past us 3 times before finally arriving at her site, it is really dark out here in the woods. 
We visited a while and laid out our plans for tomorrow, which is her birthday! 
In honor of her birthday, I wrote a song.