There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler's mind.

Douglas Adams


Today we lounged until  10:30, sleeping late and having a lazy start to the day.
We had bagels and sliced turkey for breakfast.

We finally got in gear and headed to Oatland Island Nature Center by 11 and hung out there until about 1:30.  By then, everyone was thirsty, so off we went in search of lunch.  We grabbed fast food and ran into Wal-Mart to try to find some shorts or light pants for Ben and Chan.  I only found 3 pair, but they can share 2 of them as Ben really loves capris, plus we found another shirt for Chan.  They mostly had winter clothes out it was so odd to see fleece and jackets, it was so hot today!

We had planned a busy afternoon but ended up just going to the beach at Tybee Island.  That place is great, I have never been as taken with an area as I am with Savannah, I told Matt all he had to do to get me to move here is say, "Let's go."
Also, as soon as I pulled into the lot, Suzette called!  They were nearly home from their 40 day trip to Maine and back!

We drove to the west end of the island, which is a point.  The current going around the point was so strong, the kids could jump in and ride around the curve and hop back out.  The tide was out when we got there, and had started coming back in while we played.  There was a wide area of water and then a long, wide sandbar out in the ocean, making basically a wide stream next to the shore.  A group of dolphins had herded fish into that area of water and we watched them hunt for at least an hour.  There were men net fishing as well and they hauled in 30-40 fish per family for the 3 families that were there together.

We left after the sun went down, there was no sunset.  On the way back, we picked up a couple movies for tomorrow and I saw the hot now sign was on at KK.  We picked up a dozen and everyone had one on the way in! 

Back here, the kids all had showers and rinsed their suits to hang on the clothesline.  I did not get in the water today, I was too busy looking at the dolphins! 
I made ramen noodles and we ate those and raw sugar snaps for dinner.
The kids played cards a while after dinner, we are all looking forward to some downtime tomorrow.

A note on the pics. 
I had the Rebel set to black and white for September-today was the first time I used it.  It does not show black and white through the eyepiece, so I did not realize my pics were not color until nearly the end of the day.  So, basically color shots are with the little Canon and BW are with the Rebel.
I like the contrast and may just leave it that way.

From Oatland Island:

This was the alligator enclosure, the fence was intimidating!

Nothing says 'forever' like untreated wood on a swamp boardwalk.

Thanks to the many, many Dilbert books, Jake has finally become a reader for pleasure.
He made us listen while he read stuff about every exhibit.

It was BRIGHT today!


Out driving around: