If you took a couple of David Bowies and stuck one of the David Bowies on the top of the other David Bowie, then attached another David Bowie to the end of each other the arms of the upper of the first two David Bowies and wrapped the whole business up in a dirty beach robe you would then have something which didn't exactly look like John Watson, but which those who knew him would find hauntingly familiar.

Douglas Adams


Got up and got yesterday uploaded this morning, the connection here is REALLY crappy.  I had to get reconnected 5 times at least.

We headed to the Interpretive Center and looked around, saw the giant sloth...
Ben got to see several turtles and we picked up a trail guide for later.

The kids needed a few things, Chan in particular as she just outgrows things while she still has them on her body.  We went and picked up new socks and undies and a pair of newborn sized Crocs for Jennifer.  I have spent goodness now how much on that doll, she has more clothes on this trip than anyone.  Got Chan a couple more shirts, but no shorts-which is what she needs.

Stopped and got groceries, came back and made lunch, cleaned up, did the one load of laundry we have already.  I think it's better to do it every 2-3 days, it's so much less work.  Well..okay, I am fairly industrious and I do like to keep things taken care of, but mainly I am stuck doing laundry because Ben+Spagettios+khaki pants+tight quarters=um, mom
um, mom always=work, usually of the laundry-based variety.

I clamped tarps over the bunk ends of the camper, I think it will make a difference when the rain comes in on Monday.  I already have tomorrow planned out, ending the day with a run by the nearest redbox rental to stock up!  It's supposed to rain all day Monday and clear out overnight and be nice the rest of the week.

There are vampires camping right next to us.  I will see if I can get a picture of the camper.  I don't want them to hear the click of the shutter and come for me after dark!

Ooo, *jealous*  A gold Kia just drove by with a Trail Manor!  I want one of those, I bet they are already set up 45 seconds after the get into their site.  I am going to go spy...

I am back.  It was better than I hoped, my elderly little camper is just one more leak away from becoming modern art while I go way into debt for one of those campers.  Yeah.

So, other than waiting for laundry, feeding the damn skeeters, spying and typing, I have also been dodging nuts.  The squirrels around here have been waging a war against the top of the camper and my van roof.  I had to put the blanket tarp on the windshield last night, I was pretty sure they were going to crack it.

Here are some helpful tips for your next road trip:
Avoid the outside pump at a gas station, the display screen is usually so weathered, you can barely read it.
Avoid campsites with nuts on the ground, even if you look up and see NO NUT TREES, those nuts are there because squirrels are hauling them up there to throw. 
At you.

Oh, so epic fail.  The inside of the camper was 100 degrees and packed with smelly boy.  So I turned on the ac, which drips off the side of the camper if it's level and it ain't never level. I just went around to check and it was rolling under the single gap in the tarp, soaking the bunk end roof.  hahaha!

First, this was funny because the guy was checking something inside the truck and got out and Ben totally thought he had pushed the camper with the little truck.  He said, "HOW did he SEE where he was GOING?!"

Oh, wait-wrong pic!

There's the real Skidaway Island Sloth!
I told Matt my idea to have the kids appear afraid was so cute and original that it was a shoo-in for first place in next year's Human Interest category! 

Mercury, the alligator.  Our first sighting on the trip!

This guy was great, he just looks like he KNOWS something you don't know.

Finally-eep!  These things are all over the island.  I hope those are Halloween vampire fangs and not accurate teeth.


oo lala!
I needs me a whole store to be pretty.


Just before the fateful um, mom.

My efforts at tarping the bunk ends.
This ended up working so well, it will be done by default from now on.

That lived-in feel.

If I had a Trail Manor, it would not look like this inside.

Suzette won't eat anywhere she can eat at home and I won't eat regular chocolate while traveling.

Campsite, it's HUGE.

Look!  They sleep in that trailer thing, it's tiny and has one blacked-out window!
Vampire campers