"It seemed to me" said Wonko the Sane, "that any civilization that had so far lost its head as to need to include detailed instructions for use in a package of toothpicks, was no longer a civilization in which I could live and stay sane."
Douglas Adams


Day two!

Today was the best day yet!  We drove to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina and went to the beach and on the way, crossing the Intracoastal Waterway, we saw dolphins!  I was so excited I nearly killed us all.  I will never make fun of Gina's blurry and very distant shot of dolphins far out into the Atlantic Ocean again because at least she snapped a pic.  I was too busy screaming and pointing and making other drivers swerve.

What else?  Oh, we stopped to get gas and they had 32 oz. fountain drinks for .79, so we all got one.  Ben mixed every flavor they had-at least 15 different flavors-and took a sip.  We all watched for his reaction, half-sure he would keel over.  He smacked his lips and announced, "I made water!" 

After the beachy fun, we came back to Savannah and went to River Street to help kick off Oktoberfest.  We watched Mustang Sally sing Baby Got Back. bought caramel apples and wandered through the 30 or so tent shops set up along the river.  The photography tent had some of the best work I have ever seen, we looked through all his stuff, but I could not afford any of it.  I would have been thrilled with any of his work, it was breathtaking-mostly black and white, and he had a few close-ups, like a weathered row of porch railings, a gate curlique and the top of a waterfall, just that upper curve.  I was most excited because I could have taken a few of the shots! Mainly the close-ups and the waterfalls.  LOL!  The rest was still beyond my ability.

We hoped to catch the fireworks, but after we had been there over an hour, we found out they were another hour away, at 9:30.  We were too tired to stick it out and decided to go back to camp.  We detoured on the way to see the Mercer House.  Well, we circled the square twice and THEN saw it.  Savannah LOVES it's roundabouts and one-way streets.

This morning, on our way through Savannah, we stopped at Crawford Square.  That was anti-climactic, I thought it would be huge or...something.  It was about the size of a yard and there were 2 homeless guys sitting in it.  Also, the car parked right in front of the sign had a dead bird stuck in the grill.  Eep

The streets were paved with...shell.

See?  ew!


This is the bridge spanning the Savannah River, I was quite taken with it.

and quite taken with the view!

At Hilton Head Island:

I took several shots of total strangers, which I am adding, because they were on my trip, too.

I call this one: Not Wetting My Hair

I call this one: Santa Has a Ponytail


Strangest one yet!

I call this one: The Special Hell

I call this one: Still Not Satisfied

I call this one: oops
Or maybe: Ya Lost Somethin'

I call this one: Not Punxsy


Crossing the Savannah River:

15 second exposure 20 minutes past sunset.

I liked this one, the cargo ship and little boats next to it were moving, it looks like the photo is blurred, but it was just a long exposure.

We are snugged into the camper now, we never did make it grocery shopping today and ended up eating cheese sticks and hazelnut wafers for lunch and we had mini-bagels with garlic hummus and dried fruit for dinner in the camper.  We did not eat any popcorn, I am a bit bummed because I brought 30 packs.  I don't know WHY I have so much, I just started putting a few packs at a time in boxes all last month and when I unpacked everything last night, I had loads of it.

We got in and all had nice hot showers and I used the laundry sink and some shampoo and gave our suits (and my right pajama leg) and good soaking.  They are all draped across the van now, I will have to replace Ben's new suit, the liner rubbed his little thighs raw today!  He has a second suit for the meantime.

Last line: overheard this morning:

J: I see Jennifer is wearing pajamas.  And sneakers.
C: I leave them on as much as possible, they are REALLY hard to take off and on.
J: You could cut her toes off to make more room.
C: Yeah, but then she would look really freaky.
J: She's a 2 foot tall vinyl doll that looks JUST like you, how much freakier do you REALLY think it would be?