We got out the door by 3, I was a sack of sad leaving Matt.  : ( 
The drive to Macon was uneventful, I got a little tired, but we made it by around 10 and got some food.

We arrived at the campground about 1, got the site picked and set up the camper in a couple hours.  Despite my better planning, I still ended up with one billion things on the trip and setting up the camper in the heat made my hair flop in my eyes and I was in general an unhappy camper!  I called Matt, who was very sweet and that perked me up some.

We headed out to get groceries and ...failed.   We ended up going to get a movie from the redbox location 6 miles from here and next door was Little Caesar's and just across the road, the 'hot now' sign came on at Krispy Kreme.  We vowed to get groceries while we are out tomorrow!  We will have to, because eating out twice in a day shot my budget and we have not even been gone 24 hours. eep!

So on to the trip!  First, we ran over a possum less than 6 miles from the house this morning, it was eating...another possum and I told the kids it laid down under the van-I did not hear the 'thunk' of impact.  Just before we passed over it, it did that hiss they do and probably fainted, but the hiss part was really scary.  I could not see anything other than the camper in the rear view mirror, so I started thinking, "What if it grabbed the safety chain dangling down and swung up on the hitch and any second now, it will be glaring in the back window!"  I talked it over with Jake, and the kids immediately came up with the worst thing ever-Vampossum! 

No, it was Vampossum!

The drive was long and uneventful, the sun did not come up until after we were in Georgia, so I don't have any shots of the drive.

We stopped at this fishing park on the Intracoastal Waterway to get some pictures.

The beach was FULL of tiny crabs, we had the best time running around making them hide.
Ben sat still and watched them for 20 minutes, he was thrilled with how they made the balls! 
I videoed him going on about it for Matt.  : )

We left to get groceries and ended up...

With other food.  It's the first day of our vacation, so...what the heck.  We can eat popcorn the rest of the trip!

The roads here are straight out of a movie set.

Our tiny camper!
The campsite is HUGE, probably...80 feet wide and 60 feet deep.

There are no calories on Thursday, there are no calories on Thursday, there are no

Okay, we get guys at the house ALL the time trying to convert us from normal to religified, but this takes the cake-they are coming after Poppy now!  She's a camper!

We opted to head back to the fishing park to watch the sunset!

The tide had come in and covered the crabs! 

We walked in the grass and watched the water rise as the tide came in, it was SOOOOO cool!

We counted more than 20 cats in this one parking lot! 

Day Two