So, back on Sunday when we all went bowling, one of the people we met, Chris, offered to take us out on his boat. We took him up on that today and had a blast. We went to Stingray City first then to Kaibo for lunch, then over to Starfish Point and ended up the day out in the main channel doing a little fishing. And, AND, we saw STINKY! His captain, Andy, drove us around. He's done loads of tours here, so he was a big help not just with getting us there and back, but safety, information and tips. They made sure we had a great time every step of the way. I could not have wished for a better experience.


At the dock

On the way!
We hit well over 50 MPH crossing the North Sound.

I LOVED this boat, I wish they sold models.

Matt at Stingray City!
There's still a big gap in our travels, but we are catching up!

The boys feeding the wildlife. I was too chicken, which did not stop a HUGE ray from slamming me from behind and sending me squealing for the surface for a while.

Yes, I took one zillion photos of the rays. It's just so cool, it was hard not to!


This is Matt, eep!

You feed them squid and the impulse is to wipe your hands on your legs or suit to get the funk off. If you do, the rays will suck on you, people get hickeys all the time from 'attacks'. I would probably have fainted! The local fun involves putting squid on your buddy's neck so they will ramp up on him. Note I say 'him' because it's a very boy thing. hahaha

Phil feeding the rays. They were so nochalant, all the locals. They did not even look down, just stood there talking like they were in line at the grocery and the ray would bump them and they'd feed it some squid.

There were lots of folks seeing the rays!

Then there was a commotion and we went to see what. IT WAS STINKY!

He came right over to our boat! Then he hung out in the shade.

Ahhh, wild dolphin!
The thing that makes him so dangerous is that he's alone, and they are not solitary creatures. So he's also lonely. So, he opts to attempt to mate with anyone he bumps into. Or just bite them. Often on the ass. It was enough that EVERY time we went snorkeling, I had a minor 'STINKY!' panic upon seeing Matt out of the corner of my eye. Or when he'd bump me. Which, with the ENTIRE sea at his disposal, you'd think he could avoid.


Gar fish!

Our luncheon view. S'okay.

Kaibo Point

Starfish Point

Blurry starfish? Yes, but look in the background. Freaking BOX JELLIES like a swarm of scary ghosts!

I held one and I KNEW they can't bite, but it wrapped around my fingers and poked me and I squealed like a girl and dropped it and then felt badly because it was upside down, so I flipped it back over and picked it back up and it curled again and I freaked again. It was like some kind of badly written comedy about a chubby white tourist from the US.

Oh, so I leaned over to get a photo of Stinky and my sunglasses FELL IN THE SEA. I littered the whole ocean. :( And we did not get them back because no one wanted to be dolphin humped, which I totally understand.


We went to the main channel to fish for a little while before heading in.
Andy taught Matt how to line fish.

Phil wandered over with some tips on line fishing.

This is all I saw. But they were all able to see the fish and the line and the bait. I saw..pretty blue.

Matt, Phil, Chris and Andy

Yay, first fish, and with a hand line, too!

Chris revived it a little and it swam away with no trouble.

Chris drove us from the main channel to his house in 5.5 minutes. We had to have hit 65 on the way back.