Got up early this morning

Our morning plan was to swim to the Gamma wreck and explore.

My awesome new toenail color!

Watched this guy and his blue-grey buddy pick up fish from the little pools along the iron beach.

Back toward the condo from the swim ladder.

Giant water dwelling rolly pollys

I had wandered around on my own all I could stand, I went back to wake Matt up!
On the way, I got into a conversation with a 2 year old girl who was yelling out through the screen to me. She was SO cute.
Her mom must has asked her who she was talking to because she turned around and yelled back in the house, "It's some big girl."

My first sucessful photo after tinkering with the settings. yay! It's a brain coral!

The whole swim (about...1/10 mile) was along these rocky formations filled with sea urchin and sometimes teeming with fish.
If you look closely, there are a couple dozen in this shot! They blend in.

see the flounder??

We headed back to the condo and had showers and got ourselves ready to head out.
But first, some wata to hydrate and a quick walk back out to the beach to look at the pools in the rocks!

I do not know what this is.

That afternoon, we went bowling with Jacki and Phil and their friends, Matt won!

For dinner, I had eggplant pizza, SO yummy.