Leaving Huntsville in the dark

My 'window' seat

Thank goodness you can still shave en route!


We crossed over the Smokies just as the sun was getting up.

We were in Charlotte for a couple of hours, so we burned through a few Starbucks cards from our insurance incentive program.
We got these goodies to snack on during the flight to Cayman:

FINALLY it's our turn to take off!

My next window view. hahaha

Disease agents and snails. Same level of horrific!

The Carolina coastline

The Georgia coastine. We followed the coastline until Florida was eaten by clouds



We were so low over the water. My ears were KILLING me, it's been 9 hours since we landed and they STILL hurt.

Landing in Cayman!

Beach at the condo

View from the patio

We headed out for a late lunch, Matt at dolphin burger (mahi) and I had fish tacos.

View from the restaurant

My one 'driving around' shot!
Phil drives superfast.