It stormed and rained Friday night, but the camper stayed dry and the worst of it stayed close enough to hear, but far enough away to not be any issue. The kids slept well, I did my usual not sleeping the first night, but still felt better Saturday morning. We did not get going until after 10, it rained off and on and we were in no hurry. We got dressed and had a light breakfast in the camper and cleaned up a little. About 10:30 we left, stopping to plan a meeting place with Katy.

We went to Omar's and had a great reunion with him. He had said last time that they were planning to move back to Jordan and we were unsure if he'd still be in business. But, his house was broken into and his legal documents and citizenship papers that he kept in a briefcase were stolen along with the rest of the stuff they took. So, 7 months later, he had just received his passport again and his wife and children were still waiting. I was glad to see him and eat his falafel and humus one more time, but I was sorry to hear of his trouble. He was jovial as always and was sure it was God's Plan for his family, it happened for a reason and so it was all good. I have to wonder if I could ever just surrender how I felt to a greater power that way. Even being brought up in the church-with a preacher father-I don't have faith. I think it's all random and that what you do actually matters. It's not part of some divine 'plan'. It's just how things are, we are not pawns.

We ended up at Centennial Mall State Park right next to the Farmer's Market. We met up with Katy and had a snack later that afternoon and we roamed around and looked at the goods for sale and wandered through the park until everyone had seen enough and were ready for something new. So we went to Warner Park and walked around a little there. The nature center was already closed, which was too bad. After we left there, we went to Centennial Park and got situated for the play, Alex came with us and had Katy's blanket to save their spot while they ran to a nearby deli and picked up gluten-free goodies.

Inde was such a little joy all day. She started off trying to be shy, but quickly realized she had two adults who would let her get away with anything, so she bossed us around all afternoon. I don't mean she was demanding and whiney, I mean she had her little plan in mind and meant to see it through. She wanted to be held, wanted to hold hands, wanted to chatter like a magpie, she was SO cute. She would want you to pick her up and when you did, she'd pat your cheek and say, "I like to be hold." When she wanted me to go do something, she'd say, "Come with me, my girl. I know a way." I soaked up all the adorable I could manage. She doted on Matt, too. But in the end, only *I* got the magic marker tattoo that matched hers. ; )

The play was fantastic. They set it in 1942, just after the war and added songs-which seems like it would be awful, but it wasn't. Benedick and Beatrice were perfect, I loved the costumes, the men coming home from war wearing their dreamy dress whites and hats. The women in their dresses and their stiff hair and high heels. It was set at Leonata's, a prosperous bar and restaurant. So, Leonato's role was that of a woman and a single mother instead of a single dad. It made the whole play feel different, though the lines were nearly the same.

At one point, Beatrice was hiding in the audience, listening to the gossip about how Benedick was in love with her and she stopped right by us and stole some of Katy's popcorn and munched on it a while and listened in. Having just been hidden behind by Benedick in the scene before, I was more interested in keeping her from stepping on my camera than what they were saying on stage. Still, it was very funny, even lines that usually are fairly tame when spoken by Leonato were a little suggestive and funny when Leonata got a hold of them. The whole show was very G-rated, despite the accusations of Hero's betrayal and the late-blooming love.

We headed back to the camper after the play and I slept fine all night.

Note the jackets early in the day!

The Court of Three Stars
When the kids were little, they'd lay on their star and wait for the bells to ring. They play a snippet of one of the many state songs every 15 minutes and on the hour, it goes on for a long while.

Doesn't it seem like the shot above is squished? I can't tell what's going on with it.

At Warner Park:

At Centennial Park:

They were adamant about no photgraphy at all, so I only sneaked a couple of the end bow.